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For 30 years, the India Center has provided travellers with low-cost flights to all over the world!

All people have dreams and wishes. The possibility to visit other cultures is the great gift of our era. Half a century ago, who would have believed that s/he could fly to the other side of the planet within 24 hours?

Visiting other cultures also gives us an excellent opportunity to learn something new. Many things are not so simple when you see them from new angles. We can also thank our lucky stars, because not everyone on the planet has the same opportunities, unfortunately.The travel industry is the great employer of our era. It is environment-friendly compared to many other industries. It is also an excellent way to help Third World countries towards a natural economic progress.

It is important to remember to respect local customs - when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Every citizen of Earth has the duty to protect the balance of Nature according to her / his abilities. Everyone can be an example to other people!
Travelling enlarges your world.