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  Book your train tickets and seat reservations for India in advance from Finland.
The prices include seat tickets (and sleeping wagons for night trains).


2. class 1. class
4 60 119
7 80 135
15 90 185
21 100 198
30 125 248
60 185 400
90 235 530
Passport for single trips in Euros
0-12 hours 24 e 49 e
12-24 hours 39 e 79 e
24-48 hours 49 e 99 e

2nd class;Wooden benches for six persons. We recommend this class only for students or young people (for saving money). Note! This class does not exist in the Shatabdi Express or Rajdhani Express trains among others.
1st class: Soft seats / sleeping wagons. This class has two levels, 3AC and 2AC, which means 3 or 2 sleeping benches on top of each other. This class is also air-conditioned (in wintertime with heating in North India). The cabin has curtains and under the lowest seat chains, into which you can lock your suitcases (bring your own lock). The Shatabdi Express trains include a breakfast/lunch/dinner (depending on time of travel). The Rajdhani Express trains include all meals. When traveling by night you get a sheet, pillow and cover. We recommend this class! 1st class AC: known as 1AC, this elite class does not exist in all trains. Cabins for 2 and 4 persons, doors that can be locked. It is good to book yor place from Finland, then you can have your own seat. WC: Each wagon has both an Indian and Western toilet. 1 class. AC: Is known as 1AC which is an elite class, all though you can't find this class in every train. 2 and 4 persons cabins, which has lock on the door. Toilet: In every wagon there are both local and western style toilets.
On second class there isn't any toiletpaper and soap.

Food: there are no restaurant cars. On the stations food, fruits etc. are sold. On long-distance trains you can order food, which is brought to the train on a certain station. Food and drinks are served in the Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express trains!